The hotel restaurant delle Rose rises on the center of the untamed wildlife. The typical Mediterranean vegetation is the backdrop of a dream like location. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and aperitivis are complemented by a breathtaking view, an unmatched comfort and an impeccable service. The blaze of glory of the taste is located at the Restaurant Ten cuisine, by The hotel in Porto Cervo delle Rose. A charming location under the veranda of the structure s indoors yard, that looks directly on the hotel pool. Surrounded by nature and an incredible environment, it will make every moment spent at the table unique.


It’s a fascinating mix of Sardinian gastronomic traditions and the modern Mediterranean culinary art. A cuisine with a magnificent touch, made even more unique by the cooking skils of our chefs. Every day, Restaurant Delle Rose cuisine offers always new dishes, surprising, refined, light and healthy, in order to make the true pleasure of sitting at the table feel alive again.


Gastronomic specialities, products selected with care and attention, recipes prepared with passion and skills. The restaurant is a new restaurant, unique and spectacular. An exclusive environment that takes care of the location, almost as much as the service, the composition and the substance of the served dishes. Every recipe is realized with the treasures of the Sardinian land. The genuine products, healthy and seasonal that comes directly by local producers, going straight into the kitchen and then on the guests’ tables. The best products of the region, chosen with meticulousness, selected and made with love, in order to offer a high-level culinary experience.

Delicacies that will spoil your taste buds, un unforgettable taste, that you can try only at the TEN restaurant Hotel delle Rose. From the meeting of the local traditional preparation and the most international recipes in the world, the excellent cuisine of the hotel in Porto Cervois born. And it is always the same story, based on quality, authenticity and traditions, that guide the selection of the TEN’s cellars wines. No matter which is the dish that you will taste, TEN will offer the perfect match food and win, in order to enhance the taste and the aromas. Wines are selected one-by-one, directly by chefs, that can claim a deep knowledge and an experience of many years in winemaking. TEN wines have a deeply-rooted tradition at the Hotel delle rose and it is known as one of the many pleasures that help to make you live the guests’ vacation at the best.

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